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The Natural Womanhood Podcast

Grace Emily Stark

The Natural Womanhood Podcast brings together experts in the field of fertility awareness for candid, informative, and friendly conversations about authentic women's health. From pelvic floor physical therapy, to surgical interventions, to relationships and mental health, no topic is off limits as we seek to bring the empowering truth about women, their bodies, and their cycles to our listeners: that is, that women's cycles are essential, powerful, beautiful, and do not need to be "controlled." 

The Natural Womanhood podcast is hosted by Grace Emily Stark, Natural Womanhood's Editor-in-Chief and Public Relations manager. Grace is an award-winning journalist, a certified instructor of the Sympto-Thermal Method of fertility awareness, and she holds a M.A. in Bioethics and Health Policy. 

The Natural Womanhood Podcast is a production of Natural Womanhood, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving women's health literacy through the promotion of evidence-based fertility awareness methods (FAMs) of natural family planning. Natural Womanhood exists because all women can learn to claim their natural fertility as beautiful, powerful, and healthy.